Here are 5 quick cloud networking projects using AWS services, designed to give you some hands-on experience with different concepts:

Project 1: Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

  • Requirement: Establish secure communication between an on-premises data center and an AWS VPC.
  • Summary: Connect your existing infrastructure with AWS to leverage cloud resources while maintaining control over sensitive data or systems.
  • Required Services:
    • AWS VPN (Site-to-Site or AWS Client VPN)
    • AWS Direct Connect (for dedicated, high-bandwidth connections)
    • VPC configuration

Step-by-Step Workflow:

  1. Set up AWS VPC: Create a VPC with appropriate subnets and security groups.
  2. Configure on-premises network: Determine connectivity method (VPN or Direct Connect) and set up compatible devices on your local network.
  3. Establish Connection:
    • VPN: Create a VPN connection in AWS, configure the customer gateway on your side.
    • Direct Connect: Order a Direct Connect circuit, link it to your VPC.
  4. Routing: Configure routing tables on both sides to direct traffic.
  5. Test and Monitor: Verify connectivity and monitor performance.

Project 2: Serverless Website with Global Distribution

  • Requirement: Host a static website with high availability and low latency for users worldwide.
  • Summary: Leverages serverless architecture for scalability and cost efficiency and uses content delivery network for better performance.
  • Required Services:
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Amazon Route 53 (for optional custom domain)

Step-by-Step Workflow:

  1. Create S3 Bucket: Make the bucket public for website hosting.
  2. Upload Website Files: Upload HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images.
  3. CloudFront Distribution: Link the S3 bucket as origin, configure edge locations.
  4. (Optional) Route 53: Create a DNS record pointing your custom domain to the CloudFront distribution.
  5. Access Your Website: Use the CloudFront URL (or your custom domain).

Project 3: Securing a Web Application with a WAF

  • Requirement: Protect web applications against common attacks (SQL injection, XSS, etc.).
  • Summary: Use a pre-configured firewall service to filter traffic effectively.
  • Required Services:
    • AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)
    • An existing web application on an EC2 instance, Application Load Balancer, or API Gateway

Step-by-Step Workflow:

  1. Create WAF Web ACL: Define rules (managed or custom) to block malicious traffic.
  2. Associate with Resources: Attach Web ACL to EC2, ALB, or API Gateway.
  3. Monitor and Refine: View WAF logs, adjust rules as needed.

Project 4: VPC Peering for Cross-Environment Communication

  • Requirement: Enable communication between resources in different VPCs (within the same or different AWS accounts).
  • Summary: Connect VPCs without traffic going over the public internet.
  • Required Services:
    • VPCs to be peered
  • Step-by-Step Workflow:
  1. Create Peering Connection: Establish the peering relationship specifying the requester and accepter VPCs.
  2. Update Route Tables: Add routes in both VPC route tables to direct traffic.
  3. Adjust Security Groups: If required, allow traffic on relevant ports between VPCs.

Project 5: Monitoring Network Traffic with VPC Flow Logs

  • Requirement: Gain visibility into network flow patterns, traffic volume, and potential issues.
  • Summary: Capture log data about IP traffic within your VPC.
  • Required Services:
    • VPC
    • Amazon S3 (to store logs)
    • Potentially Amazon Athena or other analysis tools

Step-by-Step Workflow

  1. Enable VPC Flow Logs: Create a flow log configuration capturing desired information.
  2. Store Logs: Designate an S3 bucket for storage.
  3. Analyze: Use Athena, QuickSight, or other tools to query and visualize log data.

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