“Tired of manual deployments? Let’s automate!” 💪 Here’s we can use “Terraform + Kubernetes

Prerequisites: These projects assume you have:

  • Basic understanding of Kubernetes
  • Experience with Terraform syntax and concepts
  • Access to a cloud provider if applicable (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Project 1: Provision and Configure a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

  • Project Name: AWS EKS Cluster Deployment
  • Requirement: Create and manage a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on AWS.
  • Quick Summary: Terraform automates the infrastructure provisioning of an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster, including VPCs, subnets, security groups, worker node groups, and integration with other AWS services (IAM, Route53, etc.).
  • Tools and Services:
    • Terraform
    • AWS Provider for Terraform
    • Kubernetes Provider for Terraform

Project 2: Multi-Environment Application Deployment

  • Project Name: CI/CD Pipeline for Kubernetes Applications
  • Requirement: Develop a pipeline for deploying a containerized application to different Kubernetes environments (staging, production) on demand.
  • Quick Summary: Terraform defines Kubernetes resources for each environment. Deployments are triggered using a CI/CD tool that automates the build, testing, and configuration of the application’s Kubernetes resources with Terraform.
  • Tools and Services:
    • Terraform
    • Kubernetes Provider for Terraform
    • CI/CD Tool (Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD, CircleCI, etc.)
    • Docker or another container runtime

Project 3: Scalable Ingress with Load Balancing

  • Project Name: NGINX Ingress and External Load Balancing
  • Requirement: Set up highly available ingress traffic management for Kubernetes applications
  • Quick Summary: This project focuses on using Terraform to:
    • Deploy NGINX Ingress Controllers
    • Configure Kubernetes Ingress resources
    • Provision a cloud load balancer (AWS ELB, Azure Load Balancer, GCP Load Balancer, etc.) to integrate with NGINX.
  • Tools and Services
    • Terraform
    • Kubernetes Provider for Terraform
    • NGINX Ingress Controller
    • Cloud Provider (AWS/Azure/GCP)

Project 4: Centralized Secrets Management with HashiCorp Vault

  • Project Name: Kubernetes Secrets Provisioning with Vault
  • Requirement: Provide a secure and streamlined way to manage and distribute secrets to applications running inside Kubernetes.
  • Quick Summary: Terraform provisions a Vault instance (either within or outside Kubernetes). Kubernetes pods use a mechanism like the Vault Secrets Injector to dynamically fetch and inject secrets from Vault at runtime
  • Tools and Services:
    • Terraform
    • Kubernetes Provider for Terraform
    • HashiCorp Vault
    • Vault Injector for Kubernetes (or comparable secrets management solution)

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