Here are 5 mini-projects using Terraform to provision unique AWS resources.


  • An AWS Account
  • Terraform installed on your system.
  • AWS credentials configured.

Project 1: Static Website Deployment

  • Requirement: Deploy a simple static website on AWS.
  • Quick Summary:
    • Uses an S3 bucket to store website files.
    • Configures the S3 bucket for website hosting.
    • Optionally, utilizes a CloudFront distribution for content delivery and edge caching.

Project 2: Secure VPC Environment

  • Requirement: Create a foundational, secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for your AWS deployments.
  • Quick Summary:
    • Defines the VPC’s CIDR block.
    • Creates public and private subnets across multiple Availability Zones.
    • Implements Internet Gateways and NAT Gateways for connectivity.
    • Establishes security groups to control network traffic.

Project 3: Basic EC2 Web Server

  • Requirement: Provision and configure a single EC2 instance to run a basic web server.
  • Quick Summary:
    • Selects an appropriate Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
    • Launches an EC2 instance within the previously created VPC.
    • Provisions any necessary security groups.
    • Utilizes user data scripts to install web server software (e.g., Apache, Nginx) on boot.

Project 4: Auto-Scaling Web Application

  • Requirement: Deploy a web application that automatically scales based on demand.
  • Quick Summary:
    • Creates an EC2 launch configuration and an Auto Scaling Group (ASG).
    • Integrates the ASG with an Application Load Balancer (ALB).
    • Sets up scaling policies based on metrics like CPU utilization or incoming requests.

Project 5: Serverless API with Lambda

  • Requirement: Build a RESTful API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
  • Quick Summary:
    • Defines an API Gateway resource and associated methods (GET, POST, etc.).
    • Deploys Lambda functions and configures triggers via API Gateway.
    • Optionally integrates with DynamoDB for data storage.

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