DevOps is a set of practices that aims to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This is achieved through the use of techniques such as continuous delivery, continuous integration, infrastructure as code, and monitoring and logging of the infrastructure.

How to Start?

To make a career in DevOps, you can start by learning some of the core technologies and concepts that are commonly used in DevOps workflows. Some of the key skills that are helpful to learn include:

đź“ŚSource control management systems, such as Git
đź“ŚBuild tools like Gradle, Maven, or Ant
đź“ŚContinuous integration and delivery platforms, such as Jenkins
đź“ŚContainerization technologies like Docker
đź“ŚConfiguration management tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet
đź“ŚMonitoring and logging tools like Prometheus, Grafana, or ELK stack

Free Resources to learn DevOps & Make Career

There are many resources available online to learn these technologies and concepts for free. Here are a few places you can start:






You can also find many online courses and tutorials on these topics, as well as books and other resources. It’s important to practice what you learn and build up your knowledge and skills through hands-on experience.

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