1. Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline for Microservices Architecture

Project Description: Implement a CI/CD pipeline for a microservices-based application.

  • Tools Required: Jenkins for CI/CD, Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration, Git for version control.
  • Roles:
    • DevOps Engineer: Setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipeline.
    • Developers: Writing microservices code and maintaining version control.
  • Workflow:
    1. Developers push code to Git.
    2. Jenkins triggers build and automated tests.
    3. Successful build triggers deployment to Kubernetes.
    4. Continuous monitoring and scaling based on traffic.

2. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for Scalable Web Application

Project Description: Implement IaC for a scalable web application using AWS CloudFormation.

  • Tools Required: AWS CloudFormation for IaC, AWS services (EC2, RDS, S3), Git for version control.
  • Roles:
    • Cloud Engineer: Writing and maintaining CloudFormation templates.
    • Operations: Monitoring and managing deployed resources.
  • Workflow:
    1. Define infrastructure requirements in CloudFormation templates.
    2. Commit templates to version control.
    3. Automated deployment to AWS based on changes.
    4. Continuous monitoring and auto-scaling based on demand.

3. Hybrid Cloud Migration Strategy

Project Description: Develop a strategy for migrating on-premise applications to a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Tools Required: Terraform for IaC, AWS and on-premise data centers, VPN for connectivity.
  • Roles:
    • Cloud Architect: Designing hybrid cloud architecture.
    • DevOps Engineer: Implementing infrastructure changes.
  • Workflow:
    1. Assess on-premise infrastructure and dependencies.
    2. Create Terraform scripts for both on-premise and cloud resources.
    3. Execute migration in phases ensuring minimal downtime.
    4. Implement monitoring and disaster recovery mechanisms.

4. Security Compliance Automation

Project Description: Automate security compliance checks for a cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Tools Required: Ansible for automation, AWS Inspector for security assessments, CloudWatch for monitoring.
  • Roles:
    • Security Engineer: Defining compliance policies.
    • DevOps Engineer: Implementing automation scripts.
  • Workflow:
    1. Define security policies and compliance standards.
    2. Automate checks using Ansible scripts.
    3. Integrate security checks into CI/CD pipeline.
    4. Monitor and report compliance status.

5. Serverless Architecture for Data Processing

Project Description: Implement a serverless architecture for processing large volumes of data.

  • Tools Required: AWS Lambda for serverless functions, Amazon S3 for storage, AWS Glue for ETL, CloudWatch for monitoring.
  • Roles:
    • Cloud Architect: Designing serverless architecture.
    • Data Engineer: Implementing ETL processes.
  • Workflow:
    1. Define serverless functions for data processing tasks.
    2. Implement ETL processes using AWS Glue.
    3. Trigger serverless functions based on events.
    4. Monitor and optimize for cost and performance.

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