Master AWS with these 24 hands-on labs spanning multiple functionalities, designed to equip IT professionals with immediate, practical expertise in hosting, databases, serverless apps, and more.

1. Host a Static Website (Duration: 10 minutes)

2. Remotely Run Commands on an EC2 Instance with AWS Systems Manager (Duration: 10 Minutes)

3. Build a Serverless Web Application (Duration: 2 Hours)

4. Build a Log Analytics Solution (Duration: 1 Hours)

5. Detect, Analyze, and Compare Faces with Amazon Rekognition (Duration: 10 Minutes)

6. Connecting a WordPress website to an Amazon Lightsail bucket and distribution (Duration: 30-40 Minutes)

7. Send Messages Between Distributed Applications (Duration: 15 Minutes)

8. Migrate a Git repository to AWS CodeCommit (Duration: 20 Minutes)

9. Create and mount an Amazon EFS file system (Duration: 10 Minutes)

10. Migrate an ASP.NET Web Application to Elastic Beanstalk (Duration: 15 Minutes)

11. Adding and editing firewall rules (Duration: 10 Minutes)

12. Build an iOS Application (Duration: 1 Hours)

13. Using Amazon S3 Object Lambda to Dynamically Watermark Images as They Are Retrieved (Duration: 20 Minutes)

14. Amazon EC2 Backup and Restore Using AWS Backup (Duration: 10 Minutes)

15. How to Register a Domain Name with Amazon Route 53 (Duration: 10 Minutes)

16. Create and Connect to a Microsoft SQL Server Database with Amazon RDS (Duration: 25 Minutes)

17. Replicate Data within and between AWS Regions Using Amazon S3 Replication (Duration: 20 Minutes)

18. Replicate Existing Objects in your Amazon S3 Buckets with Amazon S3 Batch Replication (Duration: 20 Minutes)

19. Generate Machine Learning Predictions Without Writing Code (Duration: 20 Minutes)

20. Getting started with Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points (Duration: 70-90 Minutes)

21. Deploy and Configure an Amazon Lightsail MySQL Database (Duration: 20 Minutes)

22. Amazon RDS Backup & Restore Using AWS Backup (Duration: 10 Minutes)

23. Create and Connect to a MySQL Database with Amazon RDS (Duration: 10 Minutes)

24. Publish a .NET Application to a Windows Server 2022 Instance in Amazon Lightsail (Duration: 1 Hour)

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Ready to elevate your AWS skills? Dive into these hands-on labs and unlock the power of Amazon Web Services! Connect with me to share your progress, questions, or insights. Let’s accelerate our AWS journey together!

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