Let’s talk about scripting with Golang. While Go might not be the first choice that springs to mind for scripting (compared to Python or Bash), it offers some unique advantages and can be a great way to automate tasks.

Why Script with Go?

  • Performance: Go compiles to native machine code. Your scripts will tend to be significantly faster than their interpreted counterparts.
  • Ease of Deployment: Go’s ability to create self-contained binaries means your scripts can be easily distributed across environments without worrying too much about dependencies.
  • Concurrency: Go shines with concurrency. If your scripts involve parallel tasks or network operations, its goroutines will make your life easier.
  • Growing Ecosystem: Increasingly, people are seeing the value of Go scripting, and the ecosystem of tools is improving.

How to Learn Scripting in Golang?

Useful Libraries


Golang Tutorial for Beginners | Full Go Course (YouTube): By TechWorld with Nana

Story (Writing Scripts with Go):

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