Ready to unlock the power of Azure and become a certified Azure Administrator? This comprehensive roadmap will guide you through the essential knowledge and skills you need to ace the AZ-104 exam and launch your cloud career.

Over five action-packed weeks, you’ll delve into:

  • Azure fundamentals: Grasp the core concepts of cloud computing and navigate the Azure portal with confidence.
  • Core services: Master Azure Active Directory, implement robust identity and access management, and ensure governance and compliance.
  • Advanced Azure services: Deploy web apps, manage databases, and leverage powerful security features like Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel.
  • Advanced networking and integration: Configure complex virtual networks, implement load balancing and traffic management, and connect your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Practice and polish: Sharpen your skills with practice tests, refine your weak areas, and learn effective exam strategies to approach the AZ-104 with confidence.

Week 1: Fundamentals of Azure

Day 1: Introduction to Azure

  • Understand cloud computing concepts
  • Overview of Azure services

Day 2: Azure Portal & Navigation

  • Navigating the Azure portal
  • Managing subscriptions and resource groups

Day 3: Azure Virtual Machines

  • Creating and managing VMs
  • Configuring VM settings

Day 4: Azure Storage

  • Understanding Azure storage accounts
  • Working with blobs, files, and tables

Day 5: Azure Networking Basics

  • Overview of Azure networking concepts
  • Virtual networks and their configurations

Test Your Azure Knowledge

Week 2: Core Services

Day 6: Azure Active Directory

  • Understanding Azure AD basics
  • Managing users, groups, and roles

Day 7: Azure Identity Services

  • Implementing Azure AD Connect
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Day 8: Azure Governance and Compliance

  • Implementing governance features like policies
  • Managing compliance and security

Day 9: Azure Backup and Recovery Services

  • Implementing backup and recovery strategies
  • Using Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

Day 10: Azure Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Monitoring Azure resources
  • Implementing Azure Monitor and logging

Test Your Azure Knowledge

Week 3: Advanced Azure Services

Day 11: Azure App Services

  • Deploying web apps to Azure
  • App Service plans and scaling

Day 12: Azure Databases

  • Working with Azure SQL Database
  • Overview of other Azure database services

Day 13: Azure Security Services

  • Implementing Azure security features
  • Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

Day 14: Azure Automation and PowerShell

  • Automating Azure tasks with PowerShell
  • Overview of Azure Automation

Day 15: Azure DevOps Services

  • Introduction to Azure DevOps
  • CI/CD pipelines and version control

Test Your Azure Knowledge

Week 4: Advanced Networking and Integration

Day 16: Azure Virtual Network (VNet)

  • Advanced VNet configurations
  • Network security groups (NSGs) and application security groups (ASGs)

Day 17: Azure Load Balancing and Traffic Manager

  • Load balancing in Azure
  • Implementing Azure Traffic Manager

Day 18: Azure VPN and ExpressRoute

  • Configuring site-to-site VPN
  • Implementing ExpressRoute

Day 19: Azure Hybrid Networking

  • Integrating on-premises networks with Azure
  • Hybrid identity and connectivity options

Day 20: Azure Integration Services

  • Introduction to Azure Integration Services
  • Using Azure Logic Apps and Service Bus

Test Your Azure Knowledge

Week 5: Review and Practice

Day 21: Practice Test 1

Day 22: Review Weak Areas

  • Focus on areas of weakness identified in the practice test

Day 23: Practice Test 2

  • Another round of practice test to reinforce knowledge

Day 24: Exam Strategies and Tips

  • Review exam strategies and time management tips

Day 25: Final Review and Exam

  • Last-minute review of key concepts
  • Schedule and take the AZ-104 certification exam

Test Your Azure Knowledge

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