In this post we going to cover 50 real-time daily scenarios or support tickets that could be handled by AWS and Azure cloud support teams, along with their solutions:

ScenarioScenario DescriptionDetailed Solution
1Unable to launch an EC2 instanceTroubleshoot launch process and verify security group settings
2High CPU utilization on an Azure VMInvestigate processes, optimize workload, and consider scaling
3S3 bucket access denied errorReview policies and permissions, check IAM settings
4Azure web app deployment failureAnalyze deployment logs, verify configurations
5RDS database connectivity issueCheck network settings, security groups, and access
6Azure virtual network connectivityVerify configuration, subnets, and routing
7Lambda function timeout errorOptimize code, increase timeout, and monitor resources
8Azure Active Directory sync failureVerify settings, check logs, and troubleshoot connectivity
9ELB not distributing trafficReview configuration, health checks, and instance registration
10Azure Storage Blob performance degradationMonitor metrics, optimize code, and consider premium tiers
11ECS container failing to startCheck definitions, configuration, and logs
12Azure SQL Database backup failureReview settings, storage access, and credentials
13Auto Scaling group not scaling upVerify policies, instance health, and launch configuration
14Azure Functions triggering intermittentlyReview settings, logs, and monitor consumption
15DynamoDB table performance degradationMonitor metrics, optimize queries, and review design
16Azure DevOps pipeline failureAnalyze logs, check agent availability, and troubleshoot
17EBS volume attachment issueCheck availability zones, permissions, and system logs
18Azure VM unable to connect to the internetVerify security groups, routing, and network settings
19SNS notifications not reaching subscribersReview subscriptions, endpoints, and delivery logs
20Azure App Service downtimeMonitor health notifications, check logs, and resource usage
21CloudFront distribution misconfigurationReview settings, caching, and origin connectivity
22Azure Key Vault access denied errorVerify access policies, authentication, and authorization
23Amazon Redshift query performance issueAnalyze queries, optimize design, and consider resizing
24Azure Logic Apps failing to triggerCheck settings, connectors, and monitor run history
25AWS CloudFormation stack creation failureAnalyze stack events, templates, and troubleshoot
26AKS cluster not scaling nodesVerify autoscaler, node capacity, and scaling triggers
27S3 bucket replication not workingValidate replication settings, permissions, and accessibility
28Azure Data Factory pipeline execution errorsReview activities, connections, and logs
29AWS Lambda function high latencyAnalyze code, optimize network calls, and consider concurrency
30Azure VM Scale Set not scaling downCheck scaling rules, cooldowns, and instance health
31Azure Cognitive Services API errorsVerify configuration, monitor health, and troubleshoot
32AWS Glue job failureReview configuration, data sources, and transformation
33Azure Firewall blocking outbound trafficReview rules, NAT settings, and network configuration
34AWS Step Functions stuck in a loopAnalyze definition, history, and adjust workflow logic
35Azure Event Hub ingestion failureVerify settings, monitor quotas, and troubleshoot
36AWS API Gateway returning 500 errorReview configuration, backend health, and API Gateway logs
37Azure Function app memory allocationAnalyze code, optimize memory, and monitor resource usage
38AWS CloudWatch alarms not triggeringCheck configuration, metrics, and troubleshoot connectivity
39Azure Container Instance unable to startReview configuration, resource availability, and logs
40AWS IAM user unable to access S3 bucketReview policies, permissions, and authentication
41Azure Functions cold start delaysAnalyze code, consider pre-warmed instances, and monitor
42AWS RDS database backup and restore failureVerify settings, troubleshoot connectivity and errors
43Azure Data Lake Store access deniedReview access control, permissions, and authentication
44AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment issuesAnalyze logs, package, and environment configurations
45Azure Container Registry image pull errorsVerify credentials, connectivity, and authentication
46AWS CloudFront SSL certificate expirationRenew/update certificate, verify settings and monitoring
47Azure Batch job execution errorsReview job configuration, logs, and troubleshoot input/output
48AWS ECS service unable to register tasksCheck service and task definitions, troubleshoot connectivity
49Azure Traffic Manager routing issuesReview endpoint configuration, DNS settings, and monitoring
50AWS SNS message delivery delaysMonitor metrics, optimize subscribers, and troubleshoot

Note: These are general approach to fix the issue and it’s all depend on situation.

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